My Station

Antenna setup:

Comet CX-902, 2 meter, 70 cm , 23 cm omnidirectional

2el Hexbeam by SP7IDX for 20,17,15,12 and 10 meter. (6 mtr not installed)

Electric winch for winching then mast up and down

Patch box where all cables can be disconnected in case of a thunderstorm

Overview of my shack, although nothing stays the same for very long ever.

Kenwood TS590sg for HF, 6 meter, excellent transceiver. very happy with it. Best bang for the buck transceiver there is.

My good old Yaesu FT897d "shack in a box" transceiver. Used for 2 meter and portable operation

Again a lot of bang for the buck.

CW double paddle keyer (unknown manufacturer),

Together with WINKEY-2 excellent from rag-chewing to contesting.