My Station

Antenna setup:

Comet CX-902, 2 meter, 70 cm , 23 cm omnidirectional vertical

Hexbeam Mark II HD by SP7IDX for 20,17,15,12 and 10 meter. (6 mtr not installed)

EAntenna 5070-OWA9 Dualband Yagi 4m/6m 9 El

Wire antenne of ~15Meter in combination with MFJ-993BRT remote autotuner for 30,40,60,80,160

Electric winch for winching then mast up and down

Patch box where all cables can be disconnected in case of a thunderstorm

Overview of my shack, although nothing stays the same for very long ever.

Kenwood TS590sg for HF, 6 meter, excellent transceiver. very happy with it. Best bang for the buck transceiver there is.

XV4-40 4-Meter transverter build from kit desigend by DF2FQ, hunting for Es stations with the 5 element beam

CW double paddle keyer (unknown manufacturer),

Together with WINKEY-2 control unit with programable buttons and the phone PTT unit.