My name is Marcel Daverveld and i live in Afferden (GLD) in The Netherlands.

Electronics and especially radio has always been of interest to me, I started way back when i was a young boy with a 3 meter band milliwatt transmitter.
Followed by experimenting on the 11 meter band, first with MARC license, later with less legal equipment :).
Early 90s I started studying for my HAM license. I passed the 5wpm morsecode and got my first callsign "PB0AMC", after 1/2 year i did morse code 12 wpm and got my full license and my callsign "PA3GGI".
In 2013 i changed my callsign to "PG8M" which i had until 2020, then i changed my callsign to "PE5TT".

Ive always had on/off periods in my radio hobby, but once you have the radio virus it never ever seems to go away completely.

I very much like home building stuff, and for me this is a essential part of my hobby besides making QSOs.

Hope you find anything of interest on this page, if you have question or remarks feel free to send me a mail via the contact page.

I am also one of the three members of the YNOMY DX group, where we participate in contests and activate WWFF parks, IOTA islands, Special event stations or any other activity involving ham radio fun. More information on that can be found at

73 from Marcel de PE5TT


I like very much to do ARDF, and i also post my endeavours on YouTube ones in a while